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Modified Parts, Kits and Accessories
We are no longer able to ship outside of the USA, sorry folks.
There is a good European store that has most of what you will need here:
Luftgewehr Kaniss Please support him.

Upgrade Hammer Spring
High Pressure Air Kit
Fill Adapters

 Upgrade Spring (No custom guide needed)


                   Upgrade Spring (Used for both HPA and CO2)
Although this spring is very effective, it is a heavy spring and will result in a heavier trigger,
however there is a simple trigger Mod available to correct this.

The Spring will do two things:
* Prevent valve lock at high temperatures.
* Provide a performance boost (more so at higher temperatures)
Average .177 Muzzle Velocity at 85F on CO2:
(.22 is approximately 100fps slower)
     Before: 750fps
     After:   790fps

Description       Price  Comment
One Upgrade Spring only (No custom guide needed) 18.00  This spring is perfect for both CO2 and HPA and uses your current guide (Note, this is not a Dominator / 1250 spring, these are custom made for The 850 Store)




 For USA (lower 48) only.
Total 18.00  



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High Pressure Air Conversion Kit.

Only Complete HPA conversion Kits will be available going forward




            High Pressure Air Conversion Kit. 
This is everything you'll need to convert your 850 to HPA
NOTE: You will need a scuba fill adapter look at my Fill Adapter section under "Kits and Accessories"

Description      Price Options Comment
Upgrade Spring only 18.00   No custom guide needed (uses your current guide)
AS to PB short adapter 30.00    
Stock 850 Valve - 850 valves are no longer available 0.00    850 valves are no longer available
Flow Mod adapter 25.00    
3000psi 22ci tank plus 1800psi Regulator. 150.00    Check for latest Prices.  (13ci tanks are no longer available)
Includes detailed instructions.      
S&H 17.50      For USA (lower 48) only. 
Total 240.50      *** New price without valve ***

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Fill Adapters.




This is a B&A Adapter that will allow you the following options:
1. Paintball to AirSource.
2. Commercial CO2 to AirSource.
3. Commercial CO2 to Paintball.
PRICE  $47.00    Shipped (US / Lower 48)



Scuba (K Valve) to HPA tank. (3500psi)
No tubes or extra connections are needed with this adapter, the fill nipple on the tank connects directly to it, minimizing air loss at bleed off after a fill.
PRICE  $55.00    Shipped (US /  Lower 48)

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