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All Conversions will include this Tune for the 850.

The 850 shown here with optional muzzle brake and scope.

This is a full tune. I suggest this to most guys till you get a feel for the gun.
This is the same foundation tune used in all the subsequent conversions, so even if you choose to later go to HPA, yourself, the tune will not be needed again.

Average 177 Muzzle Velocity at 85F on CO2:
(.22 is approximately 100fps slower using 14.3gr CP)
Before: 750fps (7.9gr CPL)
After:   800fps
Shot count: 170 (at full power) per Air Source tank.

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 Take down of the action and check and correct any of 
   the "common" issues that might be found.
   This will include:
   1. Shim for the barrel if  "sloppy".
   2. Full breech and port mod.
   3. Re crown Barrel to improve accuracy
   4. Check and replace o-rings (usually not needed on a
       new gun)
   5. Adjust / center probe on Breech
   6. de-burr and lube the action and hammer ways.
   7. Replace Hammer spring with Upgrade spring and
       new guide.
   8. Fit any other parts included in the tune. (discuss with
       me first)
   9. Put grub screws into empty sight screw holes if sights
       were removed. (on request only).
  10. Flow Mod Valve  
  11. Trigger mod.

Note: Any parts removed from your gun to facilitate
         the tune or Conversion will be shipped to you
         with the rifle.


 45.00 **


 For USA (lower 48) Via FedEx only.




 Includes insured Return Shipping

                                  ** Shipping costs are estimated, this is an average price and will vary depending on what you packed it in
                                     when you sent it to me. (Heavier boxes like rifle cases will cost more to ship)